October 6, 2021

Tigo EI Residential Solution Webinar

Full webinar transcript of the newly released Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Solar Solution. The team covers all the major products that this solution involves, including: Energy Intelligence (EI) platform, EI Inverter, EI Battery, ATS, Tigo TS4
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Blog - Tigo EI Residential Solution Webinar

Transcript of the webinar, held October 6, 2021

Overview of Tigo's EI Residential Solution

For over 13 years, Tigo has offered MLPE solutions. We've worked with module manufacturers, inverter manufacturers, analyzed over 900 terabytes of global solar data in more than one gigawatt hour of production data coming in daily, but from this data and experience, we're able to now offer the best residential storage solution in the North American market.

We designed this solution for the installer making the installation and commissioning experience as simple as possible. We designed the solution for the homeowner to provide the right amount of data. EPC's and financiers are accounted for in that design flexibility, third party reporting, and overall bankability of Tigo.

Benefits of the EI Residential Solution

The Tigo Residential Solution is not just a pairing of our MLPE with an ESS system. It is fast. The entire system from MLPE to battery is faster to install and commission than any previous ESS system Tigo has been paired with. It's flexible — the ability to scale the solution to meet the energy needs of the home with only a couple models. And most importantly, it is dependable. Not only does Tigo offer the longest warranty in the industry, but we have invested in finding the right people and developing the right platforms to make sure the support is available when needed.


You're familiar with Tigo's line of MLPE. You know each TS4 simply slides onto the module frame and they don't need to be bolted on, and, no grounding is necessary. When considering the entire system, we have made it even faster. The Energy Intelligence app commissions both the TS4s and the energy storage system. Now with the ability to bulk scan all of those TS4 barcodes at one time to create the physical layout, we've made commissioning even faster than the entire system can be commissioned in less than 10 minutes.


Well, what if you have no shading or it's all the same azimuth; you don't need optimism. Well, that's no problem. Our TS4-A-F rapid shutdown MLPE is also PVRSS certified and also plug and play ready with EI Residential solution right out of the box. You have an existing PV system for AC coupled over DC coupling? We have you covered. Designing with the EI Residential solution is very flexible. Finally, the battery enclosure can be scaled up to 40 kilowatt hours using multiples of the same exact equipment, the same enclosures, and the same battery modules.


Dependability is an important trait of any partner you choose to work with. Tigo offers the longest warranty in the business; the dependability of the products allow us to offer this to you. But, what makes us a dependable partner is that our customer support team will pick up the phone, answer your questions, and get your system running as quickly and as safely as possible. With multiple ways to connect with our support team, you'll not be left in the dark. Once the communication of the system is set up, we can see the grid, inverter, battery, and module level data to help troubleshoot any issue you may have.

EI Residential Solution components

EI Residential Solution Overview

The EI Residential Storage Solution is one integrated system with maximum flexibility. It consists of the EI Inverter, the EI Battery, the ATS, and the TS4s. Then, it all comes together with the Energy Intelligence platform. I think we need to look a little bit more at each one of these critical company.

EI Inverter

Remember when I spoke about the amount of data Tigo analyzes, we found that the 7.6 and 11.4 kilowatt inverter sizes are the most popular ratings for residential solar in North America; therefore, we have developed both inverter sizes. One of the features of this inverter that makes it the most exciting to me, at least, is that it's not just an energy storage inverter — this is also a grid tied inverter. So, if your customers are on the fence about storage — they just aren't ready for it yet — the EI Inverter can be installed and operated as a grid tied inverter today and storage can be added at a later date. Battery integration is extremely simple with only three conductors and communications cable. The ESS can install as an AC coupled or DC coupled system, and the EI inverter is warrantied for an industry leading 152 months; but don't get your calculators out, that's 12 years and eight months.

EI Battery

The battery uses lithium iron phosphate modules. These are very safe, efficient, and stable cobalt-free batteries. They provide a deep depth of discharge and is warrantied for 6,000 cycles. As mentioned before the batteries are modular, so the same enclosures use the same battery modules are used, regardless of the storage size you are building. Each enclosure is rated for 10 kilowatt hours and up to four can be used with one EI Inverter. Multiple modes allow the installer to set the operation to meet the homeowners needs; easily set the time of use or maximum energy savings. This assures that the power is there in case of emergencies. We even include a storm mode to make sure our customers are well-prepared. All of this in a 132 month warranty.

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

Any grid tied energy storage system must include the auto transfer switch. For anyone not familiar with ATS's, this is the equipment that automatically switches the operation of the system from normal grid tied mode to providing energy when the grid goes down. This prevents islanding and dangerous back feed onto the utility conductors when that the grid is down. Many manufacturers of ESS systems will actually direct you to a distributor to procure someone else's ATS equipment, but Tigo offers ATS directly. We have two models: one is a 50 amp for essential load backup and there is a 200 amp model for whole home backup. Each of those come with a 132 month warranty.

TS4 Flex MLPE,

The TS4-A-O provides module level optimization and ensures the best performance from the array, module level monitoring to help make O&M a little easier, even from the office, and finally, NEC compliant rapid shutdown. Now, not every system needs optimizers and we recognize that. Most rooftop systems in the U.S. do however, need rapid shutdown. The TS4-A-F provides just that; rapid shutdown only or simply meeting code requirements. No external transmitters are needed. The EI Inverter communicates directly to the TS4-A-F and the TAP when used with the TS4-A-O. Tigo continues to offer the same warranty on this MLPE as we always have: 300 months or 25 years.

EI Intelligence Platform

Now that we've taken a look at the hardware, we need to look at what makes this Energy Intelligent Solution intelligent. This is our EI platform available in both web and mobile app. Energy Intelligence provides module level visibility — system view all monitored equipment from inverters, batteries, production, and consumption meters — all in an easily digestible system diagram.

For those that need more, advanced graphs with historical data help analyze system performance to key in on potential performance issues. Alerts are configurable so you only get notified with the alerts that you need to know, and fleet management allows for all of these features, not just on that individual system view, over the entire fleet of installations as well. You can filter your systems based on equipment, location, alerts — pretty much anything. This powerful tool can help manage O&M over the lifetime of your fleet. All of this is available in the same app used for commissioning the EI System.

Tigo is your partner and with your success, comes our success. Top line, we want to help you make more money. The flexibility of the Tigo Energy Intelligence Residential Solution makes it easy to use in any grid tied application and the simplicity of the products allow the installation to be done in less time. Bottom line, we can help you reduce your OpEx. One software platform performs all the work from commissioning through O&M. The modularity makes inventory management simple and Tigo doesn't stop after install. The O&M functionality lets you know before you go. Never roll a truck again without knowing what tools, equipment, and personnel are right for the job. Energy Intelligence helps you achieve all of this.

Technical details of the components

Now looking at the TS4, the TS4 platform allows you to choose the features that you want from the MLPE . We have many different models, but the TS4-A-O specifically maximizes energy production, module level of visibility, and enhances safety. Each TS4 is rated for use with modules of up to 700 Watts and, as I mentioned before, it installs in seconds. Tigo has millions of units deployed globally and provides a 300 month warranty.

We already discussed some of the higher level features of the EI Inverter, but let's dig a little bit more into the details here. The EI Inverter allows for up to 200% oversizing of the array and has a very low starting voltage of 50 volts; 7.6 kilowatts has three MPPT's, 11.4 has four; Wi-Fi is a standard; and cellular is an option that is offered. These inverters are extremely light — they're 32 and 45 pounds respectively — and they install on just a simple wall bracket.

One app commissions the inverter, the battery, the TS4s; all in less than 10 minutes. The EI Battery supports multiple operating modes and can pair up to four enclosures — that's just shy of 40 kilowatt hours. All that connected to just one inverter. The battery can supply 5 kilowatts of continuous power and a peak of 6 kilowatts for shorter durations when needed. The ATS includes transformer and is available for the 50 amp model for essential loads and 200 amps for the whole home backup. You can install this indoors or out, but remember the ATS is required for grid tied energy solar systems.

The bigger picture

So now that we've looked at the individual components of the EI Residential solution, we can take a step back and look at the larger system. Here is the feature set. If you look over all the way over on the left there at our MLPE, you choose the feature set that you want for your MLPE and installed those TS4s of the array. You can choose the inverter size: 7.6 or 11.4; this is the hub of the EI solution. Everything communicates through the inverter to the Tigo cloud. Is energy storage needed? Connect the battery to the inverter and install an ATS. Tigo even offers an energy meter to monitor consumption and production.

Tigo has you covered from ATS to TS4. One supplier, one solution. All brought together by Energy Intelligence. Energy Intelligence provides fleet management, system commissioning, and monitoring when use with the TS4-A-O module level monitoring for the most granular data in the industry. Tigo and Energy Intelligence maximizes the system uptime through real time alerts. Real data, in real time helps minimize O&M costs. Know before you go, EI allows you to be on top of your fleet performance. This makes customers happy, happy customers drives more business.

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